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Anonymous asked: why did you delete other pic.


I don’t remember deleting any pictures?

minchanyu asked: Could you possibly upload any pictures of different short scene hair cuts for girls? Or boys? I'm just having trouble finding the right haircut and I want something short with somewhat swishy longs bangs. Any suggestions?


Yes. I will do that right now

Anonymous asked: I want to have scene hair but I don't know how to cut it. Do you have any ideas. c: Sorry, if I'm a bother


You’re not a bother. All you have to do is put lots of layers in your hair and bangs. It’s a pretty choppy look. You should find a picture that you like the hair cut in and bring it to your hairdresser. It’s hard to first get into the style so I would do it that way then if you want to do it yourself you can from there.

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